Sir P. T. Sarvajanik College of Science

Principal's Message

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
- Nelson Mandela

Sir P. T. Sarvajanik College of Science one of the best science colleges of Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat sincerely believes in this quote, both in letter as well as in spirit. Our college in sync with rapid changes taking place globally is committed towards nurturing our students to become valuable assets to the society. Our college is known for its quality and excellence in education and it is our prime goal to transform youthful minds into creative pillars of society. With huge impressive infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, lush green campus and conducive environment; we encourage our young talents to achieve academic excellence. Our faculties not only teach but also act as mentor of students. A perfect student teacher interaction is the unique thing which separates us different from others. We strive to produce quality graduates who are distinctively different and adaptive to rapidly changing global scenario. We put in our sincere efforts to provide congenial environmental to our students so that they can take over the reins of our country in future.

Science laboratories are well-equipped and our library boasts of a large collection of books across all spectrums of science and literature. The college provides a platform to showcase your talent by organizing various activities such as debates, quiz etc. We encourage our students to participate in different inter-college competitions and over the years our students have excelled in such competitions.

All science departments organize education/industrial visits for students so that students get first hand experience research labs and different sophisticated instruments.

National Service Scheme (NSS) organizes various activities which targets at making students aware of their social responsibity and raising awareness of environmental issues. NCC prepares our students for defense of our country should the need arise. Physical training makes our students physically fit.
Our college has boys hostel which has a capacity of 100 students.

I would welcome you once again to be a part of Sir P. T. Sarvajanik family. I hope you will make most out of all the opportunities that the college offers and the time spent here will be the most memorable years of your life.

Wishing you all the best!

Dr. Pruthul R. Desai
Sir P. T. Sarvajanik College of Science,